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The Engineering Division serves as a vital department within an organization, shouldering a range of crucial responsibilities related to public infrastructure and development. Here is a more detailed breakdown of its functions and responsibilities:

  • Planning: Assesses current and future needs for city growth and improvements.
  • Design: Engineers create and review blueprints for roads, bridges, drainage, and utilities.
  • Construction: Oversees construction compliance with the city's design and quality standards ordinance.
  • Construction Inspection: Ensures projects follow plans, codes, and safety regulations with the city standards

  • Capital Improvements: Manages projects chosen from master plans, citizen input, and staff and council needs.
  • “In-house Design”
  • Manage Design Consultant Contracts for public works, including water distribution, wastewater collection, roadways, construction plan reviews, and floodplain administration.
  • Maintenance: Ensures the upkeep of streets, drainage, and water/wastewater facilities.
  • Assessments: Review new private developments, address infrastructure concerns, and disseminate development regulations to the public and developers.


MD Hossain
City Engineer
Email: MD Hossain
Phone: 972.230.7325

Mohammed Howlader
Civil Engineer
Email: Mohammed Howlader
Phone: 972.230.7322

John R. Crear, Jr.
Drainage Engineer
Email: John Crear
Phone: 972.230.9642

Anthony Puentes
Construction Manager
Email: Anthony Puentes
Phone: 972.230.9617

Christopher McKee
Construction Inspector
Email: Christopher McKee
Phone: 972.230.9616

Matthew Gunther
Construction Inspector
Email: Matthew Gunther
Phone: 972.230.7304