Fraud Hotline

ATTENTION: If you wish to report a Code Enforcement violation such as high grass and weeds, please use our GoRequest system at The Fraud Hotline is not intended for reporting Code Enforcement issues. Using this resource to report a potential Code Enforcement concern will delay the City’s response.

This hotline is for reporting suspected fraud or abuse relating to the operations and employees of the City of DeSoto. This could take many forms, for example:

  • Abuse of Power, Authority, or Control: The misuse of power, authority, or control related to one's position in the City. Examples include but are not limited to: directing employees to perform non-City related work; causing employees to work overtime without compensation; or using organization assets for non-City business.
  • Accounting / Audit Related Complaints or Concerns: The purposeful, unethical or questionable recording of accounting or auditing matters. Examples may include: fraud; deliberate errors related to financial statements; noncompliance with accounting controls; misinterpretations or false statements to or by senior officers regarding financial records; or deviation from full and fair reporting of the company's financial condition.
  • Compliance and Regulation Violations (Non-Financial): Violations of a rule, regulation, law, operating procedure, past practice or protocol that does not involve the financial reporting, accounting or bookkeeping of the Company.
  • Conflict of Interest: A situation where a person in a position of trust has competing professional or personal interests which can make it difficult to impartially perform the assigned job duties.
  • Ethics Violation: An act that defies decent behavior or a governing principle. Activities not conforming to or in accordance with established conduct of right and wrong and moral character.
  • Falsifying Documents: Providing false information on any Company documentation, reporting information, or documentation presented to or relied upon by the Company to conduct its affairs or to report its financial results.
  • Fraud: The deceitful practice of obtaining money or property through intentional use of false pretenses, false documents, or misrepresentation. An illegal conversion of assets or property of value to one's own use.
  • Theft (Financial & Other): Any type of theft related to institution finances, property, assets, vendor or customer assets or property, or any other unauthorized use of such institution property or assets.

Members of the public, City employees, contractors, and service providers are encouraged, when aware of a situation, to report suspicious activities or fraudulent acts against the City to the Fraud Hotline.
 855.858.3344 -Toll-free, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Watch an informative video about the fraud hotline.

Reports of fraud or criminal activity on the part of a private party or business in DeSoto call 911 or go to Tip

The City of DeSoto does not accept anonymous reports regarding the actions or status of DeSoto elected officials. Complaints of this nature can be made through the completion of a complaint form available at the City’s Action Center in City Hall.