75th Anniversary Activities

DeSoto's 75th Anniversary Activities

So Much To Love Art Contest

Attention DeSoto Teachers and Homeschool Educators! Let's ignite our students' creativity with the "So Much To Love" art contest! Imagine their artwork adorning the hood, tail, driver side, and passenger side of a city vehicle, to be revealed at this year's Fourth of July bash! Let's paint the town with talent and make this celebration one to remember!

Deadline: Friday, May 17, 2024, at 5 pm
Submit: artcontest@desototexas.gov

So much to love art flyer

Join the Grand Celebration! DeSoto's 75th Birthday Anniversary Homecoming Royalty Search!

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As DeSoto marks its remarkable 75th year, we are on the lookout for extraordinary individuals to be crowned as the Homecoming King and Queen - the true Hearts of DeSoto! 

Who are we looking for? If you or someone you know has been a prominent figure in DeSoto, someone whose heart beats for the community, we want to hear from you! Whether you've made a significant impact in the last 75 years or emerged as a recent beacon of inspiration, we want to celebrate YOU!

Why Nominate or Apply?

  • Be a part of DeSoto's historic 75th Birthday Celebration
  • Experience the honor of being crowned as Homecoming King or Queen
  • Join the elite group of Hearts of DeSoto Royalty
  • Exclusive recognition and perks

 How to Nominate or Apply: Share your story or nominate someone who embodies the spirit of DeSoto! Tell us about their contributions, passion for the community, and   why they deserve to be crowned as the Homecoming King or Queen.

Contact Us: Email: [AJarrett@desototexas.gov] Phone: [(972) 230-7323]

Let's make DeSoto's 75th Birthday Anniversary truly spectacular by crowning the Hearts of DeSoto! Nominate or apply now and be a part of history!