Zoning Information and Maps

The City of DeSoto is divided into the following zoning districts: 

Residential Districts

Nonresidential Districts

Mixed Use Districts

Overlay Districts

A summary of the area regulations of each zoning districts is listed in the Zoning Ordinance Appendix (A-5). Certain terms and definitions used can be found in the Appendix (A-3) of the Zoning Ordinance.



Street Map (PDF)
The City of DeSoto Street Map is a link provided to citizens as a helpful tool to locate points of interest (streets, city facilities, area parks, medical facilities and schools). This map also provides frequently called telephone numbers.

Interactive Map
The Interactive Map is a link provided to citizens to help find the location or the zoning district of different parcels throughout the City of DeSoto.

Zoning Map (PDF)
The Zoning Map is updated five (5) days after the 2nd City Council meeting of each month. The City will make every attempt to provide the most current information possible, however if you are uncertain if a specific property has undergone a recent zoning change, please contact the Planning and Zoning Department at 972.230.9622 for the most current information.



In some cases there are duplicate plats in both the New and Old Plats.  Plats are also available for purchase in the Planning & Zoning Division. The last plat added to Plat Database was DeSoto House of Peace Community Center, which was recorded on December 28,2017 and added to database January 5th, 2018. 

Use Regulations

 Use Chart
The use of land and/or buildings shall be in accordance with those listed in the Use Chart.