Functions of the City Manager

Council/Manager Form of Government
DeSoto operates under a Home Rule, Council/Manager form of government. Under this type of local government, the day-to-day management of the City is directed by the City Manager.

Chief Administrative Officer
The City Council appoints the City Manager, who serves as Chief Administrative Officer by executing the laws and administering the government of the City, as directed by City Council policies.   

City Staff Oversight
The City Manager is responsible for all non-appointed City staff, which includes 350+ full- and part-time employees.

Specifically, the City Manager is responsible for

  • Preparing and submitting an annual budget:
  • Administration of the budget, once adopted by the City Council:
  • Advising the City Council on the financial condition and future needs of the City:
  • Recommending policies to the City Council:
  • Attending City Council meetings:
  • Administration of City Ordinances: and, 
  • Performing other duties as directed by the City Council.