Catering & Advertising

  • All caterers are required to have either a permanent or temporary Food Handler Permit issued by the City of DeSoto.
  • This includes all commercial and non-commercial caterers.
  • For more information on Food Handler Permits, please call the City of DeSoto Health Department at 972.230.9606.
  • No renter or his/her caterer will be allowed to use the kitchen unless a prior reservation has been made and the rental fees have been paid.
  • Food providers are allowed to bring hot plates, coffee/tea pots, etc. Renters who are unsure if an appliance is permitted in the facility should call the Parks and Recreation Department for confirmation.
Facility users may not distribute brochures, fliers, or other printed materials except within the confines of their rented area.

Use of the City Logo
The DeSoto Civic Center falls under the jurisdiction of the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of DeSoto. Requests to use the City Logo must be approved by the DeSoto City Council.