Homeowners & Neighborhood Associations

Existing Neighborhood Associations

    Our Community Management
Neighborhood Association  Mandatory/Voluntary Contact Number  Email Address
Avondale Mandatory Mr. Sterling Wheeler 469-859-6251 avondalehoadesoto@gmail.com
Briarwood Estates Voluntary   briarwood-hoa@hotmail.com
Brighton Estates Mandatory NewRoc Services 972-252-3873 newrocservices@gmail.com
Candle Meadow Public Improvement District Ms. Sheila Howard 816-550-3796 howsmh02@yahoo.com 
Centre Estates Voluntary Ms. Tamralyn Adams 469-323-1480 tamralyn.adams@sbcglobal.net 
Chapel Hill Mandatory Mr. Arthur Hobbs 214-642-9647 ahobbs@dallasisd.org
Chapel Hill Phase II Mandatory       
Churchill Estates Mandatory Mr. Dominique Henderson 469-487-6872 dominique@djh-capital.com
Club Parc Mandatory Ms. Tina Tuccelli 214-240-8462 ClubParcHOA@gmail.com
Club Ridge Estates Mandatory Kathleen Dufraine and
Bryan McCullough

Creek Tree Estates Voluntary Mr. Duane Otey 972-768-3540 daotey@sbcglobal.net
Crestwood Village Voluntary Mr. Charles Holmes 972-223-2438
Crystal Creek Mandatory Our Community Management 214-838-0868 info@OurCommunityMgmt.com
DeSoto Ranch Mandatory Ms. Deborah Macziewski 972-960-2800 d.macziewski@ssbmanagement.com
Eagle Downs Voluntary Mr. A.L. Jones    
Eagle Point Estates Mandatory Dr. Danielle Diaz-Clark
Elerson Ranch Mandatory Mr. Robert McNair  972-217-5555 themcnairs@swbell.net
Elerson Trace West Mandatory Our Community Management  214-838-0868 info@OurCommunityMgmt.com
Elerson Trace
 Mandatory Mr. Chad Adams
Enclave at Thorntree Mandatory Mr. Tom Elam 469-330-2200 elamt@sbcglobal.net
Estates of Windmill Hill Mandatory Ms. Frances Broadus 972-709-1657 frances.broadus@sbcglobal.net
Fern Heights Voluntary Mr. Renaldo Johnson 972-223-2151  
Forest Park Voluntary Ms. Nydia Rios 972-223-6746  
Frost Farms Mandatory Mr. Mark Jones 214-924-2089 chair@frostfarmshoa.org
Frost Farms II Mandatory Ms. Joyce Ratcliff 214-533-7497 joyce.ratcliff@gmail.com
Frost Oaks Mandatory Ms. Janice Asuncion 972-230-3600 asuncionjl@gmail.com
Hampton Meadows Mandatory Mr. Dariest Raynor 214-502-9500 hamptonmeadowshoa2012@gmail.com
Hampton Place Estates Voluntary Ms. Linda Harris 972-224-8762 linda.s.harris@tx.rr.com
Heath Creek Voluntary Mrs. Kim Sanders George 972- 230-3374 kim.sanders.george@live.com
Hidden Canyon Voluntary Mr. Floyd Briscoe 972-223-0512 bri1105@aol.com
High Meadows Voluntary Mr. Tem Youngblood 214-674-5937 teyungbld@tx.rr.com
Kentsdale Farms      Mandatory Goddard Management, LLC 972-920-5474 rosie@goddardtx.com
Lynnwood Estates Voluntary Mr. John Burks 972-310-8445
Mantlebrook Voluntary

Meadowbrook Estates Voluntary Mr. Jim White 214-354-2436 white331@att.net
Mesa Verde Voluntary Mr. Louis Berry 972-228-0580  
Mockingbird Hill IV Mandatory Mr. Sean Davis 469 212-6111 seandavis@mbh-hoa.org
North Meadows Voluntary Ms. Lena Johnson 972-948-8811 barbershop11@att.net
Oakmont Voluntary Mr. Rodney Shavers 972-742-0464 rodneyshavers1020@yahoo.com
Parkerville Meadows Mandatory Rosie Morataya 972-920-5474  rosie@goddardtx.com
Regents Park Mandatory Mr. Jack Morgan 214-215-5532 jmorgan50@sbcglobal.net 
Silver Creek Estates Mandatory Our Community Management 214-838-0868
Silver Creek Meadows Mandatory Mrs. Constance Cole

South Meadows Voluntary Mrs. O'Faira Carter 972-230-3777 inkimp@swbell.net
St. Andrews Place Mandatory Mr. Joe DeCorte 214-236-6959 joe3290@gmail.com
St. Georges Place Mandatory Our Community Management 214-893-3974 info@OurCommunityMgmt.com
Stillwater Canyon Public Improvement District Ms. TiShara Brown 214-838-0868 tishara316@gmail.com 
Summer Meadows  Mandatory Mr. Everett Smith
Summit Parks  Public Improvement District Mr. Camiron Smith 214-334-0384 camiron317@gmail.com 
Ten Mile Creek Estates Voluntary Mr. Antonio Wilkinson 972-283-3484 bigt500@gmail.com
Thorntree Estates Mandatory Dr. Lynda Kirkland-Culp 214-484-5475 thorntreeboardpresident@gmail.com
Timberbrook Mandatory Goodwin & Company 214-445-2730 hoatimberbrook@hotmail.com
Western Hills Voluntary Ms. Janice Mackey 972-896-2913 janicemackey@att.net
Westmoreland Estates Mandatory Our Community Management 214-838-0868 info@OurCommunityMgmt.com
Wildwood Addition Voluntary Mr. Wayne Valentine 972-979-3594 vvillage@swbell.net
Williamsburg Village Mandatory Principal Management Group 972-960-2800  
Windmill Hill I & III Voluntary Mr. Cleve McFarlane 972-298-3701 cdmcfarlane@att.net
Windmill Hill II Voluntary
Windmill Hill IV Voluntary Ms. Ann Walker 972-369-6031 zoelife17@hushmail.com
Windmill Hill V Voluntary      
Wolf Creek Mandatory Ms. Aleigh Gallardo 972-992-3444 x6208 agallardo@spectrumma.com
Woodlands on the Creek Voluntary Ms. Audrey Johnson 214-793-6050 johnsona2493@gmail.com 
Wyndmere Voluntary Mr. Roosevelt Flye 972 827-6644           

The City of DeSoto hosts web pages for all homeowners or neighborhood associations that are interested in providing information free of charge.

This is a great way to communicate to residents of upcoming meetings, events as well as contact information.