High Grass/Weeds

Ordinance Requirements
Overgrown Property
City Ordinances require that weeds and grass be kept below 12 inches in height, and that trimmings are not allowed to accumulate in any gutter, street, sidewalk, alley or any other public or private property.

The owner or occupant of the property is required to maintain the property from the street in the front to the middle of the alley in the back (or the property line.) This includes the front, back and side yards, the right-of-way (the area between the sidewalk and the curb,) and the alley and easement (the area behind the property.)

Other Notes
  • High grass must be mowed.
  • Grass/weeds should be cut and removed at least once every 15 days on land developed for residential use, and every 30 days for all other types of premises.
  • Any acreage must be maintained with a perimeter of a minimum of 200 feet from any property line adjacent to any developed residential or non-residential property.