Park Regulations

DeSoto Park Regulations

  • All City of DeSoto parks are public and are used on a first-come/first-serve basis.
  • All parks are open to the public between the hours of 5 a.m. and 12 a.m.
  • It is unlawful to remain in any park between the hours of 12 a.m. and 5 a.m

What You Cannot Do

The following are considered unlawful within the limits of City of DeSoto parks:
  • To possess or consume any alcoholic beverage of any kind or type within any park or city-owned swimming pool.
  • To tie or let loose any animal, reptile or bird of any kind-with the exception of dogs led by a cord or chain that is no longer than six (6) feet.
  • To ride any horse or other animal except in designated areas.
  • To ride, drive or go at a rate of speed faster than posted limits on any vehicle, or to drive any motorized vehicle on any walk, turf, grass or soil in a city park, except in designated areas.
  • To carry or discharge any firearms, fireworks or weapons of any kind, or to hit golf balls except in designated areas.
  • To damage, disturb or deface any tree, plant, shrub, rock or structure/apparatus of any kind - or to pull up, cut take or remove any bush, plant or flower.
  • To mark or write upon, paint or deface in any manner, any building/structure of any kind.
  • To make or kindle a fire except in picnic stoves, fire pits or designated areas provided for that purpose. All cooking grills must be covered by a lid.
  • To leave garbage, cans, bottles, papers or other refuse of any kind anyplace other than in the receptacles provided.
  • To participate or engage in any activity that will create a danger to the public or may be considered a nuisance. Overnight camping is prohibited on any park property without a permit issued by the City of DeSoto.
  • To play, bet at or against any game which is played, conducted, dealt or carried on with cards, dice or any other device for money or any other representation of value - or to maintain or exhibit any gambling table or instrument of gambling/gaming.
  • To use or speak any threatening, abusive, insulting or indecent language - and no person shall commit any obscene, lewd or indecent act in any park.
  • To disturb in any manner, any picnic, meeting, service, concert, exercise or exhibition.
  • To distribute, post, place or erect any advertising, circular, bill, notice, paper or any other advertising device without permission from the City of DeSoto.
  • To sell or offer for sale any food, drink, concession, merchandise or service unless a written agreement or permit has been issued from the City of DeSoto.

Other Things to Know

  • The city manager or his designate, and park attendants designated by the City of DeSoto shall have the authority to eject from the park any person acting in violation of the items listed above.
  • The city manager or his designate, or any member of the police department shall have the authority to seize and confiscate any property, thing or device in the park, used in violation of the items listed above.

Rent Sports Facility/field

If you are interested in renting any sports facility/field at any City of DeSoto park, please contact the Athletics Manager at 972.230.4288 or email