So Much To Love Campaign

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What is the "So Much To Love" Campaign?

The "So Much To Love" campaign is a brand outreach initiative that showcases the unique features and attractions of the city. 

This campaign highlights the many reasons why DeSoto is a great place to live, visit and invest.

This campaign will feature advertising and marketing materials that showcase the city's history, culture, entertainment, dining, shopping and outdoor recreational opportunities. 

Whether someone is a longtime resident, a new arrival, or just passing through, there's always something to discover and love in DeSoto.


WHy is the "SO MUCH TO LOVE" CAMPAIGN important?

The "So Much To Love" campaign is important because having a unified city identity increases awareness of our great city's values and offerings while fostering a sense of positive community pride.

We want the world to know about the City of DeSoto and we want people to come from all over to experience this wonderful community that we call home because in DeSoto, there's "So Much To Love."


There's no better person to tell your DeSoto story than YOU!

Do you love the City of DeSoto and all that it has to offer?? Are you a huge fan of our wonderful community and want to shout it with all of your heart at the tip of a mountain top?? Well here's your chance to tell us YOUR story!

The City of DeSoto is launching a video series called "So Much to Love" About DeSoto and we're looking to share real stories from DeSoto residents, business owners, organizations, students and people in the city, regardless of how long you have lived, worked or operated a business.

If you're interested in participating, please visit and complete the expression of interest questionnaire.


The City of DeSoto is defined by its truest brand pillars. These brand pillars set the foundation for what the city stands for and why it's a great place to live, work and play for so many people.


DeSoto’s people are diverse, its businesses are diverse, and its offerings are diverse. Offering so much to so many. DeSoto has a strong focus on diverse events for the community and visitors ranging from art festivals and summer music series to spoken word events and Latino Heritage festivals.


From the Grow DeSoto Program Incubator to being the first city in Texas to implement weekly COVID testing, DeSoto is proud of its agility and drive to innovate.


DeSoto is a city with a rich history and strong sense of community. “We take care of our own.” There is an untapped potential to engage and educate current residents on what City Officials and Leadership are already doing or have done in the community.


From football to golf to playgrounds and hiking trails, DeSoto is an active, “sports-lovers town.” It’s a community filled with loyal fans with a passion for sports, amenities to fuel that passion and awards to justify the excitement.

Ready For Business

DeSoto touts many attractive, affordable and available spaces and it is proud to be “Small Business Friendly” so that your business can thrive here.

Historical Background


The City of DeSoto announced Wednesday, the launch of a new City logo as part of an ongoing evolution of the City's brand. 

This news comes after the DeSoto City Council approved a Resolution Tuesday night at the City Council Meeting to adopt the new City Flag with the new logo. The new logo tells a story of a place in the heart of the DFW area that has many opportunities, people from all walks of life, festivals, amazing culture, food and so much more. The new logo has a radiant green "D" with an eagle and corral, red, and orange wings. The "D" stands for DeSoto, the eagle symbolizes strength and the colorful wings symbolize diversity, authenticity, countless opportunities, innovation, and togetherness of the community.

The branding process began in 2021, when the strategic plan was released and the number one goal of the strategic plan was to create a new City identity and implement new marketing, communication and public relations efforts to create a new City image that reflects who the City is today and for the future. A marketing agency was selected and in 2021, the branding process began. After various public input including key stakeholder meetings, and a City-wide survey, a new logo was selected that reflects the City's history while providing a fresh and new look.

The City has been transitioning to the new logo and over time, the new logo will replace the current logo on all City collaterals, City flags, City facilities, City vehicles, water towers, etc. The City is also in the process of redesigning the City website that will include the new logo and provide a more user-friendly experience. Changing the logo is a process that involves many steps and takes time.

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