Goal #8

Create an Active Adult-Use Area in a City Park

StrategicPrioritiesIcon-5 SMALL2

1. Demolish existing playground material at Zeiger Park

2. Explore health care system partnerships for the Adult-Use Park area

3. Obtain City Council approval for the purchase of fitness equipment

4. Install fitness equipment


2nd Quarter Update
April 2023

In Q2, the Adult-Use Area at Zeiger Park was fully installed with adult fitness equipment, and the park is being used by the community on a regular basis. Staff has not been successful in obtaining commitments for park sponsorship from a health system but continues to reach out to potential donors for this purpose.

1st Quarter Update
January 2023

Significant progress has been made to meet the goal of creating an Active Adult-Use Area at Zeiger Park. The existing playground material at Zeiger Park was demolished in December 2022, and the City Council authorized the Parks & Recreation Department to purchase and install equipment in the sum of $750,000. Parks & Recreation Department staff also conducted outreach seeking hospital-system donors to support the Active Adult-Use Park and received a co-sponsor commitment for the Move with the Mayor event in March 2023.