Goal #6

Establish a Competitive Compensation and Benefits Target Philosophy for the City of DeSoto to Attract and Retain Top Talent

StrategicPrioritiesIcon-4 SMALL2

1. Ensure the current Classification and Compensation Study results establish market/internal structure alignment.

2. Simplify classification and pay structure

3. Create a Salary Administration Policy that outlines employees’ ability to move effectively through the pay plan

4. Develop a list of surrounding/competing cities

5. Conduct employee benefit survey to identify and structure benefit package offerings that best meet the needs of employees and utilize the survey data to improve attraction and retention

6. Create a comprehensive list of benefits offered by other DFW area municipalities and then seeks to make recommendations for changes to benefits in the FY 2024 Budget


2nd Quarter Update
April 2023

In Q2, the City's new classification and compensation plan was fully implemented and recommendations finalized for approval for the City's salary administration policy. Following final approval, the new policy will be disseminated throughout City departments. A survey for benefit information for surrounding cities has been developed and is scheduled for distribution in Q3.

1st Quarter Update
January 2023

The City completed a Classification & Compensation Study drawing on data from comparable cities in the Dallas/Fort Worth region. This study recommended significant revisions to the City's compensation system in order to be more competitive. The changes for public safety personnel were especially significant to improve retention. The Council provided guidance, and the new plan was implemented effective January 1, 2023.  Staff has begun the process of surveying benefits provided by cities in the region in preparation of making recommendations later this fiscal year.