Goal #3

Update the City's Comprehensive Land Use Plan


1. Appoint a Steering Committee for the Comprehensive Plan review process

2. Conduct kickoff meeting with Steering Committee to introduce the project and provide a background on the process, explain its importance and relevance

3. Facilitate workshops for the Steering Committee and the public to present a summary of the baseline analysis and identified opportunities and embark on a visioning exercise

4. Complete the Comprehensive Plan update with City Council approval1. Appoint a Steering Committee for the Comprehensive Plan review process


2nd Quarter Update
April 2023

In Q2, two public meetings were conducted on the Comprehensive Land Use Plan Update project. Additionally, there was a Joint Meeting of the City Council, Planning & Zoning Commission, and DeSoto Development Corporation (no quorum of the DDC was available) conducted on February 20, 2023. At the Joint Meeting, AECOM presented the baseline analysis (population, etc.), the housing needs analysis, and the draft vision and goals. Staff is currently exploring an increase in the scope of work to be performed by the project's vendor to add additional reporting and community engagement, public meetings, surveys, an urban design update, and an economic development section to the Comprehensive Land Use Plan project.  

1st Quarter Update
January 2023

In order to ensure input from DeSoto's residential, business, and development communities, a Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee was formed from City Council appointments. In Q1, the steering committee met multiple times to provide input to staff and the City's consultant. A public input session was conducted in November 2022 along with online surveys for additional opportunities for public engagement.