Duties, Responsibilities and Primary Support Functions

Duties & Responsibilities
  • Must complete 12 hours of COP patrol quarterly.
  • Must Ride-A-Long with a sworn officer for four hours each quarter.
  • Maintain proper uniform attire
  • Complete NCIC/TCIC training
  • Actively participate in regularly scheduled C.O. P. events
  • Attend all required training sessions and pass appropriate tests
  • Maintain a working telephone and be able to respond to "Call Outs"
Primary Support Functions
  • Assist department in high visibility patrols throughout the city of DeSoto
  • Assist department in patrol duties including house checks, directed patrols, and traffic management
  • Conduct code enforcement duties for code violations
  • Graffiti identification and abatement
  • Assist the Department in "Lost Individual" searches and any other "special" request they might make
COP vehicle