New Submittals and Current Projects

On this page, you will see a list of all New Submittals and Current Projects that are under Staff, P&Z Commission, and City Council Review.

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants will be required to attend a DRC (Development Review Committee) meeting before submittal. If you do not have a recent (within 6 months) DRC date, your submittal will not be accepted.



  1. Developers Submit Proposals.
  2. New Submittals are reviewed by Staff according to schedule (see Submittal Deadlines).
  3. P & Z reviews all submittals with Staff recommendations.
  4. Submittals are included on City Council Agenda.

NEW SUBMITTALS (May 8, 2023)

New Submittals  Date Submitted
Z-1498-23; Chick-Fil-A (616 W Beltline Rd.) 5.8.23
SP-676-23; Eagle Park West (121 Seahawk Dr.) 5.22.23
Z-1499-23; PD for MF (804 Kirnwood) 5.22.23
Z-1500-23; PD Amend. for Homestead at Daniel Farms Ph 3 5.22.23
FP-1237-23; Kentsdale Farm Ph 4 5.22.23

Under Staff Review

Under Review Date Submitted
SP-671-23; Office Warehouse (1602 Corporate Dr.) 1.23.23
SP-674-23; Nel A Ayers Abst 11 PG 100 (1818 Masters Dr.) 2.27.23
SP-675-23; EAGLE PARK EAST ADDITION (1800 N POLK ST.) 5.8.23

Project Review Status

Case Name P&Z Commission City Council 
Z-1490-23; PD for The Mansion on Ten Mile Creek (1000 W Wintergreen Rd.) 4.11.23; Denied 6.20.23
Z-1495-23; SUP for Eagle Park West BLK 7 PT Tr 3 D(1801 Kestrel Ave.) 5.23.23; No Recommendation 6.20.23;
Z-1491-23; SUP for ATT Tower (1537 W Pleasant Run Rd.) 5.23.23; Denied 6.20.23;
B23-02; Chick-Fil-A (616 W Beltline Rd.) 6.1.23;  
Z-1493-23; PD for Phoenix Place (100 S. Elerson Rd.) 6.27.23; 7.18.23;
PP-342-23; AQUILA LANDING (300 W WINTERGREEN RD) 6.27.23; 7.18.23;
FP-1236-23; TEN MILE CREEK PH 3C 6.27.23; 7.18.23;