Goal #10

Develop a Regional Mental Health Service Unit with partner Best Southwest cities.

StrategicPrioritiesIcon-6 SMALL2

1. Establish a Steering Committee with partner agencies for guidance on establishing a regional unit | Police | Start FY 2022 Q1 | Complete FY 2022 Q1

2. Pursue Interlocal Agreements with partner agencies | Police & Municipal Court | Start FY 2022 Q1 | Complete FY 2022 Q3

3. Research and procure physical workspace and facilities to house a regional team | Police | Start FY 2022 Q1 | Complete FY 2022 Q2

4. Create governance documents to define work responsibilities for regional partner agencies | Police | Start FY 2022 Q1 | Complete FY 2023 Q3

5. Distribute client/family satisfaction surveys | Police | Start FY 2022 Q1 | Complete FY 2022 Q4

6. Research additional grant funding opportunities including resubmission to Dallas County for additional/ongoing grant funding | Police & City Manager’s Office | Start FY 2022 Q1 | Complete FY 2022 Q4


4th Quarter Update
September 2022

The Regional CARE Team is fully formed, staffed, and operational. The team now serves the Cities of DeSoto, Duncanville, Cedar Hill, Lancaster, and Glenn Heights. Additional information regarding the multitude of services provided by the CARE Team can be found at the team's newly formed website, RegionalCARETeam.org.

3rd Quarter Update
July 2022 

The Regional CARE Team is up and running with partnerships and staff from DeSoto, Lancaster, Cedar Hill, Duncanville, and Glenn Heights. The implementation focus now shifts to performance, data collection, and sustainability through securing future funding. The Team will also initiate a marketing campaign to increase awareness of this valuable resource.