Meeting Room Usage

1.0 Purpose:
  • The purpose of this policy is to establish criteria related to the use of library meeting room(s) at the DeSoto Public Library (DPL). Meeting Rooms in the DeSoto Public Library are intended to provide space for City of DeSoto and Library sponsored programs, events and meetings.They are not available to provide programs or events, unless sponsored and approved by the DeSoto Public Library 90 days in advance of the program. Employees of the DeSoto Public Library may observe at any time when the space is being utilized.

2.0 General Information:

  1. DPL has the right to limit the number of hours an organization can use the meeting room.
  2. The meeting rooms cannot be used to provide programs or events, unless they are sponsored and approved by the DeSoto Public Library 90 days in advance of the program. 
  3. All requests that fall outside of the indicated hours or otherwise outside of our criteria will be directed to the Parks and Rec Department for use of rooms in the community center. 
3.0 Use Policies:
Following are meeting room use policies:

  1. The Library will not provide projectors or other electronic equipment.
  2. Reservations will be revoked if DPL determines that meeting room use is not in compliance with this policy, or if a group causes damage or a disturbance.
  3. Kitchenette area is not available for use.
  4. Disruptive behavior or group activities which may cause a disruption to regular library operations will lead to a loss of immediate access to meeting room(s).
  5. Chairs and tables are provided by the library, but set up and tear down is the responsibility of the user. No linens are available.
  6. The Library does not provide personnel to assist in technical support, room set up or take down or other materials needed by groups using a meeting room. DPL also does not provide extension cords, easels or sign holders, white boards, or dry erase boards. The library will not supply copies.
  7. Nails, tape, thumbtacks, or other fasteners to the structure or to the furnishings may not be used. Candles are not permitted.
  8. Use of tobacco products and consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted.
  9. Room temperature is not controlled by library staff, so please dress to accommodate temperature variations.
  10. Room use must be under the direct supervision of the adult making the reservation or designated adult representative as stated on the agreement.
  11. Organizations meeting in the Library shall not use the Library’s mailing address or telephone number to conduct business.
  12. Any printed or electronic publicity or marketing materials that include the Library’s name and address must include the disclaimer: “This event is not sponsored by the DeSoto Public Library or the City of DeSoto”
  13. The Library reserves the right to refuse any reservation request.
  14. Usage that would cause disruptive noise or vibrations outside the reserved room is not allowed.
  15. Meetings near the end of the library operating day, users must complete all cleanups, tear down and vacate the room before the end of the reservation.
  16. Set up and tear down need to occur during the period in which the room is reserved.
  17. Food and beverages (except alcohol and tobacco products) are allowed – but the room will need to be left clean.
  18. If room is not left clean or undamaged the library can deny any future reservations for use.