Unsung Hero - Mrs. June Averitte

Kimberly Wilson, left, Cpl. Nick Bristow, center and Mrs. June Averitte right.
Kimberly Wilson, answered Cpl. Nick’s plea to the public to nominate an Unsung Hero.  She nominated her neighbor, Mrs. June Averitte.  In her words, Mrs. Averitte is a phenomenal and stoic caregiver.  When I moved to DeSoto in 1997, she was the first one to welcome me to the neighborhood.  She is like a second mother to me.   I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  Mrs. Averitte brought food and checked on me often once I was discharged from the hospital.  She also cared for me when I was recovering from eye surgery.   In addition to being a caring neighbor and housewife, Mrs. Averitte travels to Tulsa, Oklahoma to care for her special needs granddaughter.  I could not ask for a better neighbor.  She watches my home when I'm out of town and I do the same for her.   I always give her and her husband a gift card at Christmas time as a token of my gratitude.  I am very fortunate to have them as neighbors.  Mrs. Averitte also volunteers at the DeSoto Senior Center where she teaches a knitting class.  Mrs. Averitte's tireless efforts are worthy of this recognition.”  DeSoto Police are happy to recognize Mrs. June Averitte as our first Unsung Hero. 

Follow the link below to view the interview between Cpl. Bristow, Ms. Wilson and Mrs. Averitte.