Parade Application

Parade Application Process

1) Complete the application form and prepare a map of the proposed parade route or event location. Be sure to show any proposed road closures and include any assembly and disassembly areas.

2) Submit the application and map to the Action Center located in the atrium of City Hall. A three (3) month lead time is required for the application process. If a traffic control plan is required to be prepared by the City, then the application and map should be submitted.

3) The City will review the application for completeness. Once it is deemed complete, the City will make a determination if it meets the requirements of Article 4.700 of the City Code of Ordinances and recommend approval or denial. If the conduct of the parade on the proposed date, time and route poses any conflicts, an alternate date, time, or route may be suggested. Once the City makes its determination, the applicant will be notified of the disposition of the application.

4) If the application is approved by the City, the applicant will be requested and is responsible for submitting the following before a permit can be issued:
• Proof of general liability insurance coverage and endorsement in accordance with the City’s requirements.
• Payment of the City’s estimate of departmental service charges that may be incurred for the preparation, Police Officers, traffic control and clean-up as a result of the parade activities.
• Proof of coordination with the DeSoto Police Department in regards to traffic control, if applicable.

5) Once the City has received the above items and is satisfied that all requirements have been met, a parade permit will be issued. The City will submit a copy of the parade permit to the applicant and will notify the Police Department, the Fire Department, Street Department, Parks Department and Dispatch.