Timberbrook 2019 Homeowner's Association Annual Meeting
Date: June 15, 2019 
Location: Timberbrook HOA Clubhouse
Time: 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
The Timberbrook Homeowners Association is located near the intersection of Belt Line and Polk. This quaint subdivision consists of 74 properties that include a clubhouse. The homeowners association is dedicated to maintaining the aesthetics and tranquility of our community via observing and complying with our H.O.A. Bylaws and the City Ordinances of DeSoto. The homeowners' members meet quarterly at our residential clubhouse, and the concerns and the suggestions of our members are immediately addressed/implemented for the good of the community in accordance to the H.O.A. Bylaws and the City of DeSoto ordinances. Specifically, our mission is to ensure that our residents coexist in a safe, beautiful, and peaceful community. Also, the Timberbrook H.O.A. partners with our City representatives by attending workshops (sponsored by the DeSoto Community Initiatives Manager); meeting with the Eyes and Ears committee (conducted by representatives of the DeSoto Police Department); and participating in the City's National Night Out, which is a nationally advocated community celebration. 
Timberbrook H.O.A. Email Address: hoatimberbrook@hotmail.com 
Timberbrook H.O.A. Board:
President: William Scott (Interim)
Vice-President:  Glenn Crow
Treasurer:  Joan Whitney-Bujold
Secretary:  VACANT

Timberbrook Articles of Incorporation 
Timberbrook Covenants and Restrictions 
Code Enforcement  
Animal Nuisance Ordinance Article 2.600