Why Start an Association?

Reasons for Starting

Most homeowners’ associations or neighborhood groups begin due to neighbors coming together to accomplish a common goal or solving a community problem. Residents have to be shown there is an advantage to forming an association. Some advantages are:

  • Meet neighbors
  • A collective voice with neighbors
  • Keep abreast of news that directly affects the neighborhood
  • Neighborhood Beautification
  • Increased awareness of safety/Crime Watch Programs
  • Partnership with the City on issues facing the neighborhood
  • Organizing block parties and other special events
  • Community Spirit
  • Tackle neighborhood projects together
  • Take advantage of the Neighborhood Matching Grant Program

An association may start out informally with just a few neighbors. One or more informal meetings might be held to see if there is a real interest or need for an association. Once this need has been determined there are some essential steps to getting the association started.  For more information on starting a non-mandatory Neighborhood Association, please call the Community Relations Coordinator at 972-230-9648 or email kathy.jones@desototexas.gov.