Do you Know Where Your Cleanout Is?

This is the first question you will hear from our emergency service personnel if you ever have a sewer line blockage.

The cleanout is a pipe located near the house that rises from your sewer line to just above ground level and is capped.

Quite frequently, the cleanout becomes buried or hidden over the years and is forgotten. In some cases, older homes may never have had a cleanout installed by the plumber.

As a property owner, you are responsible for your cleanout. If the cleanout is buried, a registered plumber should be able to locate and raise it for you. If it is hidden, you need to make it easy for our crew to access.

When your cleanout is accessible, the City of DeSoto Sewer Maintenance Department can correct most blockages that may be disrupting your service on the city side of the line.

Cleanout Installed
Sewer Cleanout