Starting an Association

What is a HOA?
The designation “HOA” is often used to represent two similar types of associations,  homeowners’ associations and neighborhood association.  However, these two forms of associations can be distinguished as follows:
  • Homeowners’ Association – A combined membership of homeowners within a subdivision
  • Neighborhood Association – A combined membership of residents (home renters, apartment renters, homeowners, etc.) within a specified area.
Associations can be further identified as mandatory and voluntary. Most DeSoto associations are voluntary and membership is open to all residents within the boundaries of the neighborhood. This is usually due to individuals organizing to strengthen the neighborhood. 
HOA Facts
  • HOAs are typically managed by a board, which is elected by its members.
  • HOAs are governed by covenants or deed restrictions created and filed by the HOA or by the subdivision developer. 
  • Membership dues are usually set at the time the covenants or deed restrictions are created.
  • Dues requirements and amounts remain at the discretion of the HOA.