Siren information

Siren Locations

  • 2319 Bolton Boone
  • 2035 Kestrel Avenue
  • 1501 Wintergreen Court
  • 1136 Harvest Hill Circle (in alley)
  • 829 East Parkerville Road
  • 416 West Parkerville Road at DeSoto Drive
  • 433 South Cockrell Hill Road (at Cockrell Hill Elementary School)
  • 515 North Cockrell Hill Road
  • 1409 North Cockrell Hill Road
  • 719 North Hampton Road

About the System

The DeSoto Community Alert Warning System is an electronic siren system which was specifically designed to provide comprehensive outdoor coverage with ten sirens strategically located throughout the city. The sirens are aerodynamically designed, rotating, and unidirectional, covering up to a four-mile radius. 

The Outdoor Warning Siren System is intended to warn individuals who are outdoors to seek immediate shelter inside. The sirens may not be clearly heard indoors since more outdoor sounds, including warning sirens, can not penetrate most buildings. When you hear the sires, go indoors and seek shelter in the most interior room in your home or office. Once you are in a safe location, tune to your local radio or television station for emergency information. Outdoor warning sirens are a valuable tool in helping to keep the public safe but they should not be the only way what you receive warnings about dangerous weather. The City of DeSoto's Office of Emergency Management suggests additional layers of protection against severe thunderstorms including having a NOAA weather radio in your home and monitoring local radio or television stations for emergency information.