Reserve Police Officers

The DeSoto Police Department currently has a Reserve Force. These dedicated men and women dedicate and volunteer their time to protect and serve the citizens of DeSoto.

A DeSoto Police Reserve officer is a fully State certified paid peace officer, who must meet all the physical and background requirements as a full-time paid police officer. For most Reserves, these professionals hold down full-time jobs and dedicate their off-time to the department in various ways.

The majority of Reserves work in Patrol, Traffic, Honor Guard, and Criminal Investigations. Additionally, Reserves assist and/or work special events related to the City of DeSoto and/or events where a Police presence is needed. Reserves have also been called upon to supplement full-time officers when the need arises and availability is possible.

The DeSoto Police Reserve program is totally self sufficient and is supervised by a Police Captain. The program is monitored and coordinated by the Captain, who reports directly to the Chief of Police.

Anyone interested in becoming a Reserve Police Officer with the DeSoto Police Department can apply through the City of DeSoto website.