Regional CARE TEAM


The Regional CARE Team website is live and ready to help residents during times of crisis. The website provides CARE Team Member contact information, an at-risk citizen registry, crime victim resources, and crises line resources.

This organization is a multi-disciplinary group that provides community behavioral health support and resources to residents and their families of DeSoto, Cedar Hill, Duncanville and Lancaster.

Their purpose is to assist individuals experiencing behavioral health needs and their families/support systems to access, navigate, understand, and utilize appropriate community referral sources. They do not respond to 9-1-1, but instead provide prevention services before a crisis begins and follow up after a crisis to help in preventing another.

For more information about the Regional CARE Team and available crisis resources, click here to visit their website or email the Regional CARE Team at


  DeSoto Team Lead

  NAME: Officer Carolyn Williams
  Position: DeSoto Team Lead
  Phone: 469-501-1836