Goal #1

Enhance the Effectiveness of the DeSoto Police Department’s Community Engagement through the Use of Non-Sworn Community Service Officers

StrategicPrioritiesIcon-1 SMALL

1. Hire non-sworn community service officers (CSO’s)

2. Create a shift schedule and duty responsibilities for CSO's that compliments and supplements the patrol officers

3. Create a beat schedule for each CSO that includes regular check-ins with HOA’s, neighborhoods, and businesses

4. Set up introductory meetings with HOA's, neighborhoods, the DeSoto Chamber, Clergy, and other groups to build relationships with the new CSO’s

5. Develop standard operating procedures for handling public safety related commentary on social media for follow up by a CSO

6. Create engagement strategies with community and business groups for regular CSO contact

7. Create community outreach for participation in National Night Out in both August and November


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