Short Term Rentals

A Short-Term Rental (STR) is a property that rents out all or a portion of a one-family or two-family dwelling for the purpose of overnight lodging for between one (1) and twenty-nine (29) days, where the property is owner-occupied, and does not provide food or beverage for consumption. The City of DeSoto adopted Ordinance No. 2180-19 that requires all STR operators to register their property and obtain a permit

Registering a STR requires an annual fee of $125 for each property.  Failing to register a STR could result in a citation including a fine of up to $500 per day.

Registration Process:

STR operators can register and apply for a permit (here) 

Permit applicants can check the status of that application (here)

Two documents that will be needed to complete the registration and permit application process include:

1. A sketch floor plan of the dwelling indicating the dimensions of each room, and,

2. A site plan/survey of the property indicating the maximum number of vehicles that can be legally parked on the property, without encroaching onto the street, sidewalks, alleys or other public rights-of-way or public property.

For registration customer service, call 1-877-352-3277, ext. 5. Service hours are 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. CT, Monday - Friday.

*Important: Once approved, your permit number will arrive by email. Include it in advertisements and internet booking sites. 


Problems with a STR? Contact the Complaint / Tip Line

The City’s ordinance restricts activities at an STR and impacts on neighbors.  If you believe a STR property is creating problems, excess noise or parking impacts for example, use the following resources to confirm the nature of the property and provide information regarding the potential violation: 1-800-685-1699 or here 

This resource is monitored 24/7.

How do I pay the Hotel Occupancy Tax?

If you are a short-term rental, you are required to collect and remit Hotel-Motel-STR occupancy taxes monthly through the process provided by the Financial Services Department.