Meeting Room Usage

1.0 Purpose:

  • The purpose of this policy is to establish criteria related to the use of library meeting room(s) at the DeSoto Public Library (DPL). Meeting Rooms in the DeSoto Public Library are intended to provide space for City of Desoto, Desoto ISD, and Library sponsored programs, events and meetings. They are not available to provide programs or events, unless sponsored by the DeSoto Public Library. Employees of the DeSoto Public Library may observe at any time when the space is being utilized.

2.0 General Information:

  1. DeSoto Public Library meeting rooms are intended to accommodate City of DeSoto, Desoto ISD, and the Public Library’s meetings and programs Social events such as parties, showers, family reunions and weddings are not permitted. 
  2. The meeting rooms cannot be used to provide programs or events, unless they are sponsored by the DeSoto Public Library 
  3. All requests that do not fall within this policy will be directed to the Parks and Rec Department for use of rooms in the community center. 

Last revised: September 29, 2020