Sponsorships & Donations

  • The purpose of this policy is to establish a system to receive and acknowledge sponsorships and/or donations given to the DeSoto Public Library.
  • Following is the policy for receiving sponsorship and/or donations made to the DeSoto Public Library:
  1. The Sponsorship and/or donation should immediately be given to the Staff Assistant.
  2. Upon receipt the Staff Assistant will make a copy of the check and any attached information and give to the Library Director for him to initial as acknowledgement of the sponsorship and/or donation.
  3. The Staff Assistant will research the line item into which it should be deposited.
  4. The Sponsorship and/or donation with the line item it should be deposited in will be given to the Circulation Supervisor for deposit.
  5. The Staff Assistant will draft a letter of acknowledgement and/or gratitude for the sponsorship and/or donation.
  6. Upon the Library Director’s approval and signature a copy will be made and the original mailed to the sponsor.
  7. If the sponsorship and/or donation is to be used for something specific. The department or staff responsible for overseeing the purchase will be informed of the sponsorship and/or donation including the dollar amount.
  8. Depending upon what is purchased with the sponsorship and/or donation the item purchased will be marked as donated by: (i.e.: Books; book plaque). Equipment over the amount of $100.00 will have a fixed asset property tag that reads “Property of City of DeSoto” adhered to the item. A fixed asset form will need to be filled out, signed by the library director and turned into the finance department as well.
  • Following are exemptions to the policies:

    The Friends of the DeSoto Public Library (Quilters Group) will not receive a letter of acknowledgement and /or gratitude for checks received. They currently house monies that have been raised through the Teen Advisory Board. However, all other instructions should be followed regarding receipt of sponsorship and/or donation.