Get Involved

  1. PARD Volunteer

Volunteers support the DeSoto Parks and Recreation Department in a variety of ways – at special events, through clerical office work, with education programs, and with environmental projects. Volunteers add new dimension, personality, and depth to our programs and allow us to provide many services to our community that would not take place without your help. Join us and get involved today!

Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering benefits the city and the volunteer. As a city volunteer, you gain numerous benefits, such as:
  • Gain opportunities to fulfill curriculum requirements
  • Developing, maintaining or perfecting skill sets 
  • Giving back to our community 
  • share experiences and build community engagement
  • Taking pride in our city 

Join Volunteer DeSoto

The purpose of the DeSoto Parks and Recreation’s Volunteer Program is to provide opportunities to citizens to get involved in their community and support our mission. Volunteers provide hours of invaluable assistance that contribute to the success of park and recreation programs. Click here to discover the opportunities.

Join an Advisory Council or Board

Advisory Councils and Boards work to support the effective functioning of the beautification, park development and generational components for the community. For more information about volunteering to be a board member, link on the links below.

Become a Sponsor

The City of DeSoto Parks and Recreation Department has a unique opportunity for you and your business. By becoming a sponsor of one of the many events, parks or our recreation center, you can make a difference in the community! Plus, you'll enjoy and benefit from a variety of incentives and sponsorship rewards. Click here to find out more.