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Returning Materials

Renewing Materials

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Checking Out Materials
How many items can I check out?
You can check out a maximum of 36 items at one time. 10 of those items can be movies.

What are the loan periods?
Loan Period
Books, Books on Tape, Books on CDs, E-Books and E-Audiobooks
3 Weeks
Videotapes, DVDs and magazines
1 Week

Returning Materials
Where do I return materials?
Materials may be returned inside the library during normal business hours.

Where do I return materials when the library is closed?
After hours you may return materials in the book and video return drop located on the throughway that runs behind the library past the outdoor amphitheater or the drop located near the front entrance of the library. For your convenience, both drops are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, even during library service hours and holidays.

When does an item count as returned?
As long as your materials are turned in by 8am the day after the due date, it will be checked in on time. (i.e. if materials are due back May 5, turning them in by 8 am on May 6 will be considered checked in on time)

Renewing Materials
All materials may be renewed 24 times provided there are no holds on the item.

Materials can be renewed using one of the following methods:
  • By Phone: Library’s automated telephone system @ 972.230.5792 or Direct to the check out desk @ 972.230.9665
  • Online: When you access your account through the library's homepage
  • In-person: Renew at the check out desk
Renewals over the automated number and online can be made 24/7. Materials on hold and items on which fines are owed may not be renewed.

Requesting Materials

You can place up to 20 holds for materials that are checked in or out. Holds can be made over the phone @ 972.230.9665, online when you access your account, or in person at the checkout desk. Materials are held for 7 seven days and can be picked up on the bookshelf located behind the information desk. Holds are organized by last name, first initial.

Inter Library Loan form
Our interlibrary loan service assists customers in borrowing library books not found in our collection. The time frame for obtaining interlibrary loan items varies depending upon availability, shipping, and distance of the lending library (generally from two to six weeks).

The following items are difficult to obtain through Interlibrary loan:

Reference and genealogy books
Books published within the last 6 months
Rare or unusual publications
Items not listed in WORLDCAT with lending libraries in the United States

A $1.75 postage/shipping charge applies to each received item.

Click here to request materials through ILL.

TexShare Card
If we don't have the item you're looking for you can also check out the TexShare Program.

Suggesting Materials

Click Here to suggest a title that you would like to see added to the Library's collection. Whether the material is purchased or not is based on our current collection goals and budget.