Tax Information

Forms at the Library

1040 and 1040-SR tax forms and instructions are available at the library in early spring as soon as they are shipped from the Internal Revenue Service office. (Call 972-230-9661 to find out if they are available.)

Other tax forms or tax schedules can be printed out on demand at the Information Desk. Tax worksheets/instruction booklets can be viewed, downloaded, emailed or saved using one of the public library computers. Please be aware that library staff cannot answer your tax questions.

Steps to Take Now to Get a Jump on Your Taxes

The IRS website has a list of steps and changes to consider for filing in 2022:

IRS Free File

Prepare and file your federal individual income tax return for free using tax-preparation-and-filing software. Let Free File do the hard work for you with brand-name software. More info:

Federal Forms Online

See the following Web pages from the official IRS site for forms and information. IF YOU ARE IN THE LIBRARY--check to see if the library has your print form or publication for free before printing to avoid $0.10 per page printing charges.

IRS Home Page -

IRS Web Site Help & Resources - Get help with using the site, keyword searching, tax questions, finding a specific form or publication, and more.

Forms and Instructions - Browse and select from a list of forms and instructions displayed in form number order. Looking for popular prior year forms, instructions, and publications? Check

Publications and Notices - Browse dozens of publications and notices online.

How to E-file - Information on electronic filing.

Seniors & Retirees - Tips on filing taxes for seniors plus publications and forms for older Americans and retirees.

Information and Employer Returns - You may order information return or employer return forms online from the IRS. You may also purchase 1099 forms at office supply stores. The library does not carry them.